Maturity group – 0000 – very early

The leader among cultivated in Poland soya types in 2012-2014 under the account of crops surface.

Biological characteristics of the variety:
Plant: growth type – intermediate
Plant: growth habit – erect
Color of hairs – dark grey
Height – 80-110 cm
The seating of the upper pod – 12-15 cm
Leaf shape – lanceolate
Flower color – violet
Seed coat color – yellow
Hilum color – yellow

Economic indicators:
Time of maturity – very early
Vegetation period – 100-130 days (in Poland)
Plant performance – 4 t/ha
1000 seeds weight – 110-155 g
Protein content – 36-40%
Fat content – 17,5-21%

Soybean of Annushka variable is very unique because of its earliness in getting mature. Short vegetation period makes the variable the best forerunner for the next cultivations and essential plant in case of resowing (e.g. after the frost damage to winter cereals).

Annushka is legally protected on the strength of certificate by the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants Nr 22857 from 31.03.2008 according to the Decree Rade (WE) NQ 2100/94.