Hodowla Soi Agroyoumis Polska is the producer of soybean seeds, including the cultivation of new soybean varieties, reproduction of seeds and selling qualified plant material. In our offer we present many variables, which are successfully cultivated in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, France, Russian, Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary and other countries of Europe.

Our company introduce innovative solutions and provide selection methods of soybean varieties. The aim is to cultivate new soybean varieties of a high performance, which are adjusted to environmental requirements and are disease resistant.

Our priority is to provide high quality seed material, which guarantee high yields and expected benefits.

Also, our soybean variables are:
– not genetically modified,
– available to cultivate in ecological farms,
– available to use in food processing industry.

In 2012 we introduced Annushka variety on the Polish market, which was planted that year on circa 1500 ha. Hence, it becomes a leader among soybean varieties cultivated in Poland. Also, among our newest achievements can be distinguished a promising variable – Mavka, which was registered by COBORU (The Research Centre for Culticvation Testing) in the National Register of Poland. In our offer we also have other promising soybean varieties: Violetta, Viorca, Simona, Atlanta, Smuglyanka.


The sort Annushka is an ultra early-maturing soya cultivar of the Ukrainian selection which has successfully passed testing in Great Britain and was registered in the European General Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant Species in 2009.
In 2010 more then 175 thousand hectares ware used for growing variety Annushka. This cultivar confidently holds the leading positions in Ukraine for crops area. Annushka cultivar nominated as the best soya sort in Union of Independent Countries.
Plants have an intermediate growing type, bush is compressed. The height of plant is from 80 to 110 cm, the height of the bottom beans circle is around 12-15 cm, the color of hairs of main stem is dark grey, and the flower color is violet. Leaves have lancet shape.
Seeds have average size (1000 seeds weight 110-155 grams), the form beans is spherical flattened. The hilum of seed is yellow with a peep-hole. One of the variety characteristics is the high pods quantity on a plant and seeds in a pod (40 % of pods has 4 seeds).
Annushka is a high-yielding variety (4,2t/hectare and more without irrigation). This cultivar of soya doesn’t have any analogs for the maturity period. That gives the chance to get crops twice a year. It’s absolutely reliable predecessor before winter crops (including a winter raps). Full maturing comes when the total accumulation of crop heat units gets 1950 CHU (vegetative period goes from 95 to 105 days) in the central part of Lithuania. Plants are resistant to diseases and lodging. The cultivar is adaptable to irrigation.
Agr. glauca.
Seeds contain:

protein – 40,0-43,2 %,

fat – 17,5-21,0 %


It’s a perspective, ultra early-maturing cultivar of soya of the Ukrainian selection. The cultivar is suitable for cultivation in the European Union countries.
Mavka plants has an intermediate growing type, a bush is semi-compressed. The height of plants is from 80 to 110 cm, the height of the bottom beans circle is around 15-20 cm. The colour of flowers and the hairs of main stem is white.
The seeds are large ( 1000 seeds weigh 180 grams). They are oval-shaped, the hilum of a seed is pale yellow with a peep-hole. Seeds are suitable for the food-processing industry.
This cultivar is early-maturing (vegetative period is 125-135 days), full maturing comes when the total accumulation of crop heat units gets 2300 CHU in the central part of Poland.  Mavka cultivar is high-yielding (up to 4 t/ha).
Mavka cultivar has passed testing on the territory of Poland and showed the following results:
Crop capacity – 4,35 t/ha;
Weight of 1000 seeds – 230 grams;
Height of plant – 110 cm;
Vegetative period – 132 days.
Plants of Marka cultivar get matured all at once, are characterized by high level of resistance to pods shatter and loosing seeds, lodging. They are rather resistant to diseases and react very well to fertilizers and irrigation.
Agr. glauca.

Seeds contain:

protein – 40,0%

fat – 17,4%.